Planning the Affordable Museum Exhibit: 9 Tips

As curators and exhibit developers you understand well that “you can’t always get what you want.” But if you try… you can often get what you need. When we plan our exhibits, desires always exceed our means. Seeking… Read More

Visitor–Centered Exhibits: 4 Concepts for Exhibit Development

The term “visitor-centered” has recently become a hot point of discussion in museum publications, blogs and conferences. Educators have taken the lead in the debate, with marketing and outreach professionals quickly following suit.

Oral History Case Study: El Paso Museum of History

“Neighborhoods and Shared Memories” (Nuestros vecindarios y sus memorias) is a community-sourced exhibit that empowers its members to tell the story of their neighborhoods in their own words. The design team, working with the museum’s researchers, gave shape… Read More