El Museo del Barrio

Having been shut for 17 months for renovations, El Museo del Barrio reopened with a fresh new look, two new exhibits and celebrating a 40th anniversary. The extensive $35 million, six-years-in-the-making rehab work has added a welcoming new  courtyard and refurbished galleries. Julián Zugazagoitía, the museum’s director, said the renovation “represents an achievement that celebrates the importance of the Latino community and the possibility of offering the best in the creative aspect.” 

The goal of our exhibit design was to produced the proper balance between interpretive content and the art objects. The design strategically placed labels and panels out of the way of "art-viewing" but allowing those who chose to read about the historical context of the art. The exhibit design is completely bilingual in English and Spanish. 

Entrance to "Nexus" exhibit that inaugurated the re-opening of the museum after an 18 month renovation.

El Museo educates its diverse public in the richness of Caribbean and Latin American arts and cultural history. To engage this diverse audience the gallery design provides a richness of interpretive material without distracting from the art.

The Nexus exhibit was art-historical that required historical information for the visitors to understand the contextual framework that tide the art together. We provide interpretive material on a horizontal plane that did not compete with the vertical display of art.

Bilingual interpretive panel

Permanent galley with video projection showing a time line of the museum's collection.

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