Museum of Chinese in America

Sour, Sweet, Bitter, Spicy; Stories of Chinese Food and Identity in America weaves together complex stories through a dynamic video installation featuring pioneering chefs, and banquet setting created but notable contemporary Chinese-American ceramist. Museum Environments worked with curator Herb Tam and exhibit developer Andrew Rabatta to produce a truly innovative exhibit format. The combination of elements has a welcoming poetic effect of a grand table along with heartfelt and informative stories of food in cultural life.


The communal table has all visitor sit together and enjoy the banquet of the exhibit.

moca-museum-exhibit-design-me2Elegance and creativity come together thanks to the contribution of ceramist: Lu Zhang and Heidi Lau.
moca-museum-exhibit-design-me6Ceramic pieces representing different culinary regions of China were placed on a lazy-susan for versatility in display.

moca-museum-exhibit-design-me5Each participating chef was given a placemat with their biographical information and ceramic “appetizer” inspired on their style of cooking.



 Food has proven to be a popular subject for New Yorkers.