About ME

Museum Environments LLC is an exhibit design firm committed to creating inspiring visitor experiences and delivering exceptional design services to museums and cultural institutions.

Our design approach transforms the museum’s mission and curatorial vision into a visitor-centered experience. With skill, creativity, and sound method we design exhibits that guide the audience to engage, participate, and identify with the exhibit’s content and museum collection. Our multidisciplinary team of designers has vast experience working for museums, large and small, across diverse disciplines and institutional goals. Our design method combines the latest thinking in museum experience theory and applies a variety of design models adjusted to fit each client’s culture and mission. Among the methods we employ are the participatory model (The Participatory Museum, by Nina Simon), and the IPOP experience model (Ideas People Objects Physical Model, developed by Pekarik, Doering, and Karns, and Smithsonian Institution). We strive to achieve designs that represent an optimal fit with our clients’ mission, needs and and aspirations.