Bilingual Exhibits

Museum Environments has produced numerous bilingual exhibits around the nation. Our staff is multilingual and multicultural. We enjoy designing for a diverse audience and creating a welcoming environment for all.

Interweaving English and Spanish text creates a simultaneous presence of multiculturalism.

Bilingual text can be design to work together and not as separate information. The title wall plays with a 3d transition effect with words that mean the same and happen to have the same amount of letters.

Title wall for an art exhibit on contemporary caribbean art at the Inter-American Development Bank.

Title wall for the “Sub/Urbanism” exhibit at the Museum of Chinese in American (MOCA).

Rendering for exhibit in Saudi Arabia.

Bilingual labels duplicate the amount of text to be displayed. Our solution was to use detachable text panels with English and Spanish text on either side.

The length of text varies with each language. In this bilingual brochure of English and Chinese, we created a column system with varying width so that we may align the texts next to corresponding translation.

Columbia University publication in English and Italian

Bilingual exhibit are also a celebration of Multiculturalism. In this exhibit on Chinese food everyone has a seat at the table to enjoy the feast of Chinese ceramics and bilingual interpretive material.