El Paso Museum of History

The exhibit Neighborhoods and Shared Memories is an oral history of selected neighborhoods of El Paso, Texas. Our design focused on keeping the “first-person” narration primal to the visitor experience. 90% of the floor space uses text panels with only quotes from the people of El Paso. The remaining 10% displays the text by historians and curators. The exhibit aims to engage the visitor in conversation with the people of El Paso as verily as possible.  To continue this experiential thread in other areas of the gallery, we invited the participation of artist and craftsmen to create visuals and physical elements of the exhibits. Just as the people of El Paso are the narrators, the artists become co-creators of the exhibit. As shown in the diagram above, engagement happens at the junction between content and audience, and by literally having one part “talking” to the other, the veracity of the exhibit’s voice is authenticated.

Neighborhoods and Shared Memories is composed of cherished photographs, personal mementos and keepsakes from past and present residents of Chihuahuita and El Segundo Barrio. The exhibit is scheduled to feature a new set of neighborhoods every few years. It seeks to preserve, interpret, and increase an appreciation for neighborhood-based history. —El Paso Museum of History

Award:AIGA Justified Award  http://www.aiga.org/justified-2012--case-study--neighborhoods-and-shared-memories

Exhibit Design: Mariano Desmaras
Graphic design:  Jessica Griscti
Animation: Yago Bosquets

Project Manager: Vanessa Macias Machado
Curator: Barbara Angus
Artist: Jesus "Cimi" Alvarado (http://www.cimione.com/murals/)

ME El Paso wall exhibit med
ME El Paso theaater med

ME El Paso entrance med3D interactive urban model