Knowing Nature: Stories of the Boreal Forest

Museum Environment (ME) assisted Smithsonian Institutions Traveling Exhibition Services with the design of an in-progress project. We quickly adapted our design contributions to the existing exhibit goals. Our solution focused on reducing means of production to make the project feasible and, in turn, more sustainable. We avoided plastics by using direct-to-medium printing. This method provided a graphic look aligned with the exhibit's message of an ecologically sound future.

Knowing Nature weaves together themes of climate change, Indigenous perspectives, and the relationship between people and nature while taking audiences on a learning journey that starts with curiosity, builds empathy, and leads to action. Visitors will experience the sights, sounds, and textures of the boreal forest within the exhibition's immersive experience while also hearing firsthand from the Indigenous peoples of the boreal how knowing nature can offer a vision for a sustainable future. Knowing Nature offers stories of resilience, strength, and hope in a changing world.

  • 2,000 square feet, turnkey exhibition including all hardware and media software
  • 6 free-standing graphic structures
  • 21 graphic wall panels
  • 11 objects including scientific materials and Indigenous artworks

Exhibit Producer: Smithsonian Exhibits
Curators: SITES

Central module with an immersive boreal forest experience in its interior. Hidden speakers provide a soundscape with sounds from the forest. The goal was to create a multigenerational interactives and touchable objects