The Coffee Experience Center

“Destination Starbucks” is the working name of a project that represents a significant opportunity for Starbucks Coffee Company to present itself and its unique story to the communities it serves. This project has inspired both excitement and self-examination for Starbucks as it looks for the right way to amplify its connections to its audiences, celebrate its success, and continue to evolve in inventive and remarkable ways while reinforcing its connection with its own history and values. 

Why Build Destination Starbucks: 1) The legacy of the company is important! 2) The facility doesn’t want to limit itself. It is not just the mother of all coffee houses. It is about connection. 3) The success of the company is linked to the relationship we have with the customer. 4) People want to go there because it feels like a good cup of coffee. 

Tazo Teahouse
A contemporary version of a traditional teahouse welcomes you to explore Tazo Tea offerings in a peaceful setting. Located in the Demonstration Garden landscape and overlooking the activities below, the Teahouse allows for quiet contemplation and communication while maintaining a visual connection to the whole of Destination Starbucks.

Demonstration Garden
A grid patch of herbal and indigenous plantings, flowers, and vegetables supports an environmental awareness targeted at school and community groups and families. The garden’s features include a Storytelling Grove, an Art Studio, and an Ecology Lab designed for participatory learning. These spaces and related programming reinforce Starbucks’ commitment to sustainable practices, a key component of Starbucks’ Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.

Interactive Café
Featuring state-of-the-art conferencing technology on an environmental scale, developed with a partner such as HP. The Interactive Café, flat screen panels allows for the artful customization of the environment, as well as the screening of interactive art and of media that support the release of music-based products.

The Destination Starbucks Program
Destination Starbucks will combine a variety of key elements that can be ascribed to several broad categories:
THE COFFEE EXPERIENCE  The core exhibit, featuring the story of coffee.
THE CAFÉ EXPERIENCE  A multi-use venue providing the classic Starbucks café experience as well as expanded live music, and real-time and on-line technology. 
THE LEARNING AND CONFERENCE CENTER  A collection of multipurpose spaces that serve as meeting and training rooms for the professional development of Starbucks partners and interested customers, and that can be leased to professional and community organizations.
AUDITORIUM  A 500-seat venue for large Starbucks staff and conference convocations, live Hear Music concerts, and other events. This venue can be considered a component of the Learning and Conference Center as well as The Café Experience.
THE GREENHOUSE  A skylit space that houses family and community-based environmental programs and, through its construction and components, demonstrates Starbucks’ commitment to sustainability. 
THE STARBUCKS STORY  Presents the company’s role in defining the specialty coffee business and becoming a legendary brand while maintaining a leadership position as a values-based organization. This component will be conveyed in the Heritage Wall and incorporated throughout Destination Starbucks.
In the facility as envisioned, the program elements detailed below are organized on several levels, with the potentially gated Coffee Experience occupying the lower level. The Café Experience, auditorium, and related components are housed on street level to allow ease of access to the general public. The restaurant and Learning and Conference Center facilities are on the second level, as they represent a more focused engagement on the part of the Destination Starbucks visitor, whether he or she is a partner, a dedicated Starbucks fan, a casual visitor, or a community member. The Greenhouse level, located at the top and offering views of Seattle, contains the elements reflecting Starbucks’ commitment to environmental responsibility. The Learning and Conference Center and the Greenhouse levels demonstrate Starbucks’ commitment to community.
This project was designed with Ralph Applebaum Associates.